Professional and service oriented

Davis Sales utilizes three decades worth of experience and the relationships we’ve fostered within that time to provide unparalleled service to our customers and sales growth for the manufacturers we represent.

At Davis Sales, it is our mission to be a trusted, fully effective and valued representative to the industry we serve. As such, we endeavor to achieve the goals of the manufacturers we represent while providing exceptional quality of service to our customers. We believe that these standards can only be achieved through determination, perseverance and a commitment to excellence, which is why an integral piece of the Davis Sales model includes training and educating our employees in professional sales development.


Ed Davis and Scott Davis founded Davis Sales in 1984. Ed had been involved in wholesale plumbing since 1959, and Scott’s experience dated back to 1977. The father and son team utilized their collective experience and knowledge of the plumbing wholesale industry to build the foundation of Davis Sales on the principles of dependability, service and loyalty.

In 1992, the founders of Davis Sales recognized that in order to maximize sales, local inventory and a commitment to warehousing needed to be incorporated into the business. Ed Davis used his previous experience in opening and managing branches for wholesale plumbing distributors to facilitate Davis Sales’ growth into this arena.

In 1993, Davis Sales welcomed the addition of Ken Sitzman to the sales team. Ken brought with him an additional 25 years of plumbing wholesale experience. Around the same time, Dan Huckins joined the Davis Sales team to facilitate warehouse operations.

About ten years later, as 2003 came to a close, President and co-founder Ed Davis entered into retirement. As Ed’s reputation had become well known and respected in the industry, Davis Sales had big shoes to fill; Scott Davis entered into the position of President and continued the legacy of his family and the Davis Sales Company.

In 2005, Davis Sales moved to Woodland, Washington. This location continues today to provide an 11,500-square-foot facility, as well as a half-acre of yard space for all of the company’s needs. In 2007, Tony Armbruster joined the team, bringing with him an additional 10 years of industry experience.

Today, we proudly continue to stand as the Northwest region’s well-respected independent manufacturer’s representatives for the wholesale plumbing, waterworks and wastewater industries, and will continue to do so for years to come.